Lucas Hoang Unveils New Single ‘Magical’

Danish singer-songwriter, vocal coach and lecturer at The Royal Danish Music Conservatory, Lucas Hoang kicks off the new year with the release of a brand new single titled Magical, taken from his new album, Shades Of Blue, out now via Hope4Change Records!

I am really enjoying his soulful vocals and how they easily convey the emotion of his relatable storytelling. Magical is a song that captures the emotion of longing and being vulnerable in love, yet still with power, hope and energy. This message is wrapped around an infectious blend of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hip and Electronic music packed with captivating beats and synthesizers. I am also fond of the gospel backing choir and how it helps to enhance the emotion of Lucas Hoang's storytelling. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Lucas Hoang said,

Sometimes you meet an attraction that is so strong it breaks down the wall you have built to protect yourself. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and let your guard down and things seems to be crumbling, it’s also a chance to start all over again. It’s in the cracks that the light enters. And that feeling can be magical.