Len Dreams Shares New Single ‘Save Me’

Dutch singer and songwriter Len Dreams has just shared his brand new single Save Me, a captivating pop song about his personal journeys.

Save Me was written following a breakup and showcases the feelings he went through, from heartache to clarity and having a better understanding of himself. This is quite a relatable song as relationships, and breakups, contribute to shape who we are and allow for us to grow as individuals. The song highlights how the breakup contributed to a new and better understanding of himself and is wrapped around a warm and intimate production that allows for Len Dreams to showcase his powerful and emotive vocals. I am loving the guitar-based melody and his vocal harmonies give the song a dreamy touch while enhancing the emotion of his raw and honest storytelling. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Len Dreams said,

Save Me, a paradox. Others cannot save me. However, I can only learn how to save myself by means of relationship. I couldn’t get through a recording session without crying. The day that I managed to record it I was emotionally numb. But now I feel proud that I can show you this song. Look at what I made! I feel like a 3-year-old making a drawing.