Kings Elliot Shares New Single ‘Dancing Alone’

Swiss born, London based singer and songwriter Kings Elliot has just shared her brand new single Dancing Alone, the follow up to her stunning debut single, I'm Getting Tired Of Me, released in November.

Dancing Alone is an emotional, piano-based song on which Kings Elliot effortlessly showcases both her gorgeous vocals and songwriting skills. You can feel the raw emotion and vulnerability pouring out from her vocal delivery which is enhanced by the warm and intimate production. There's a captivating touch of melancholia in this song that really keeps me coming back to it and those haunting harmonies create quite a magical and emotional atmosphere. Dancing Alone is one of those songs I play when I want to unwind after a stressful day and be alone with my thoughts. Quite a stunning, gloom filled, piano-based song and I think you will love it too. Check it out below!