Katie Kittermaster Shares New Single ‘Lukewarm Lover’

British singer and songwriter Katie Kittermaster is back with a lovely new single titled Lukewarm Lover, out now via Revanche Records.

What I love the most about Katie's music is her voice, as those dulcet tones instantly make the song recognisable and just infuse a touch of heart that is quite captivating. Lukewarm Lover is a song about a song that has gone stale, losing that spark that makes it work. This relatable song is wrapped around a polished pop production packed with cool guitar riffs, emotive piano chords, catchy percussion and a driving electronic beat that gives it a nice dose of energy. Katie's vocals soar beautifully over the infectious instrumental that contrasts with the melancholy-infused lyrics. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Katie Kittermaster said,

Lukewarm Lover is about a relationship that has gone stale, faded in many ways. Leaving a relationship can sometimes be very emotional and hard to do but the alternative can leave you feeling like you are drowning.