JERUB Shares New Single ‘Feel It’

British singer and songwriter JERUB has just unveiled his brand new single Feel It, a piano-based song that reminds the listener that no one can tell you how to feel about the things that hurt you. 

In this song JERUB heeds his own advice and let’s himself feel the pain of seeing Black men portrayed as dangerous and unimportant in mainstream media. This song is a reminder of the impact that racism has on the mental health of minority groups and the importance of speaking out and being honest with yourself. 

I am really enjoying the raw and honest storytelling matched by the captivating production, from meditative to strong and declarative. I am also really enjoying JERUB'S powerful vocals and how they are packed with raw emotion and soar effortlessly over the piano-based melodies. There's also somewhat of an anthemic vibe to the song that makes it stand out even more and enhance the power of his vocals and storytelling. Check it out below!


Speaking of the song, JERUB says,

The journey of writing this song really helped me make sense of my emotions in the middle of a crazy year. I really struggled to process all the emotions when the videos of Black people being killed continued to circulate on the internet. I found that I had been bottling up lots of emotions and memories from moments that I experienced racism and had suppressed the feelings for so long. ‘Feel It’ is what came out when I decided to be honest with myself and those around me.

For me, this song is more than expression, it’s an invitation to freedom...the big chorus at the end is like a declaration of’s me saying that I’m not waiting to be give permission to feel it...I can give myself that permission and I hope listeners will hear this song and give themselves permission to feel what they feel.