Ishani Shares New Single ‘Perfect Life’

British songstress Ishani has just unveiled her brand new single Perfect Life, an infectious piece of indie-pop/r&b music about social media.

The latest single to be taken from her Unkind Vibrations EP, Perfect Life is a Trip-Hop-infused piece of indie R&B music about the envy surrounding social media and how perceptions of life are distorted and distended in a house of mirrors. I know a couple of people that live their lives according to social media and Instagram influencers, forgetting about what really matters.

This playful commentary is a tongue-in-cheek psychedelic allegory of the mind-bending sinkhole of social media built on a thick psychedelic groove packed with rippling keys, R&B harmonies, trip-hop attitude, and Ishani’s scorching delivery. I am particularly fond of her lush vocals and how the song has an overall laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!