Howard Kaye Shares New Single ‘Three Years’

Brighton-based singer and songwriter Howard Kaye has just shared his brand new single Three Years, a heartfelt electro-pop song about struggling with loss.

Three Years is a very personal song for Howard Kaye has he lost his father just over 3 years ago and is his way to honour his memory and for all of us that have struggled with loss. This heartfelt song is wrapped around a polished production packed with a driving beat, bright synths and infectious percussion that beautifully back his emotive vocal delivery and honest storytelling. I am also very fond of the delicate and emotive piano chords and how the chorus is quite memorable, getting me hooked on the song right after the very first listen. Have a listen to this gem below!


Speaking about the song, Howard said, 

A few months ago I was having a really tough time. The third anniversary of my Dad's death was getting closer and I was really struggling with that thought. I decided to write probably the most honest song I have ever written. I didn't care if it was ''too long for radio'' or ''not catchy enough'', I wanted to write this for me and only me. I never intended for anyone to hear it, however the song ended up meaning so much to me, I thought maybe there are people out there who can relate to these feelings. So this is no longer a song just for me, this is for anyone who is struggling, anyone who has lost someone and anyone who feels lost, you are not alone!

If you want to know more about the song and Howard's experience you can check out his interview with Jake Tyler, a mental health advocate who has a show called "Open Up" on BBC Radio Sussex and Surrey.