Ella McCready Shares Debut Single ‘You Saved Me’

British singer and songwriter Ella McCready makes her musical introduction with the release of her debut single You Saved Me, a soulful piece of music about the bittersweetness of lost love.

I am really enjoying her lush, rich vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the chilled out jazz-infused, indie-r&b production. You Saved Me speaks of the bittersweetness of lost love – knowing it was never any good for you, but not being able to ‘out-run’ it. I am particularly fond of her soaring vocals over the final chorus which shows how powerful they are. This is such a captivating piece of music on which Ella showcases her soulful vocals and songwriting skills over a laid-back lo-fi sound perfect for a relaxing weekend at home or for some cool bedroom sessions. Check it out below!