David Redd Shares ‘Do I Seem Okay?’ Music Video

Los Angeles roots-rock singer and songwriter David Redd has just shared the official music video for his latest single Do I Seem Okay?, taken from his upcoming debut album, Somewhere Else, set to arrive on March 26th.

Do I Seem Okay? is an awesome roots/rock piece of music with soaring guitars, punchy drums and a killer harmonica solo that beautifully backs his passionate vocal deliver. This is a relatable song about the fear of being judged for going your own way and I am really enjoying the meditative and melancholy in the song.

Now, to accompany the release, David Redd has shared a captivating and cinematic music video directed by Zacch Bandler which caught my attention from start to finish and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, David Redd said, 

Do I Seem Okay? is about that all too familiar fear of being judged for tracing your own path, that feeling that your friends might say you fell off the deep end. The lyrics start off self-conscious: a description of anxiety, an attempt to control all the small details in order to send the message you need to send — and for me that conjured the suburban dream of a tidy house, a well-set table, all those check-boxes of a functioning adult. But by the end, as we journey through the song, we arrive at honesty, pride, “this is me and I’m cool with it.” Hence the question - “do I seem okay?

When talking about the video, David added,

For the video, I let director Zach Bandler run wild, drawing on his own experience as a ballet dancer (with all the social anxiety that might produce for a young man in the ‘90s) as well as what he saw in my lyrics and performance: someone stuck in a bubble begging themselves to break free. From there we came to the concept of two dancers, one younger, one older — the elder now tidying houses, still proud, still elegant, but still yearning for something more — and decided to play with expectations, blurring the line between generations. At the end of the day what we wanted to portray was ‘Capital-B Beauty’ and to push the audience to accept it in all its forms. So, we took our dancers, put them in a tidy glass house, and watched us all do our best to bust out.