Celine Cairo Shares New Single ‘Bird Song’

Dutch singer and songwriter Celine Cairo has just shared her brand new single Bird Song, the first of many songs scheduled for release later in 2021.

Celine Cairo grew up in a music-loving family. Her father a passionate amateur drummer, her mother an music-enthusiast listening to Fado, Flamenco and Jazz, Celine grew up hearing an eclectic mix of genres which translates into her music. 

Written by Celine and London-based producer Tim Bran (London Grammar, Aurora), Bird Song talks about our complicated relationship with the natural world and what it means to lose touch with it. Do we lose ourselves? This beautifully-written song is wrapped around a mesmerising production packed with delicate piano chords, intricate guitar riffs, trip-hoppy drums and lush soundscapes that back Celine's hauntingly beautiful and ethereal vocal delivery. Quite an enthralling listening experience which I think you guys will enjoy as well. Check it out below!