Casey Sana Shares New Single ‘Cardboard Spaceships’

American singer and songwriter Casey Sana is back with their brand new single Cardboard Spaceships, an infectious piece of indie, electro-pop music out now via Happy Accident Records.
I am a fan of Casey Sana's gorgeous vocals and how they soar effortlessly over the upbeat production. I am particularly fond of the parts in French which add an extra touch of groove to the already groovy song. I am really enjoying the guitar riffs throughout and how they beautifully intertwine with punchy percussion and lush synths, creating an infectious soundscape on which their vocals shine. The song has a feel-good atmosphere and its accompanying music video, nicely embodies the song's message and vibe. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Casey Sana said,

I first got the idea for the SanaShip when writing the song. The line 'cardboard boxes learnt to fly' took me back to being at my grandparents house, turning an old box into a spaceship, car, boat or anything that came to mind at the time. From there spawned the idea to create a real Cardboard Spaceship to record the music video & live concert inside of.

When talking about the video, they added,

Seeing it all come together was a trip. I'd visualised the final form so many times in the weeks leading up to it whilst hand drawing each panel, but seeing it in the flesh was pretty emotional and it was great to have my family by my side to see what had been in my head for so long.