Brendan Scott Friel Shares New Single ‘Cheap String Lights’

Canadian singer and songwriter Brendan Scott Friel has just shared his brand new single Cheap String Lights, the latest single from his upcoming album.

Cheap String Lights is a warm and beautiful song about rediscovering the magic in the places and people you see every day. This message is wrapped around an immersive folk/rock produuction on which Brendan flawlessly showcases his gorgeous vocals, captivating storytelling and intricate musicianship. 

I am particularly fond of the intricate acoustic guitar melodies and how Brendan's smooth, warm vocal delivery effortlessly conveys the emotion of his lovely storytelling. Crissi Cochrane's feature near the end of the song is simply stunning (though short) and makes the song stand out even more. This is one of those songs perfect to listen to on a cold rainy day home alone. Check it out below!