Anie Delgado Shares ‘Daydream’ Music Video

American pop singer and songwriter Anie Delgado has just shared the official music video for her lovely single Daydream.

Daydream is a chill pop song on which Delgado explores the strength in beauty and feminine energy and the trek of manifesting your desires instead of getting lost in one’s dreams. Accompanying this infectious pop song is a captivating music video directed by Brandon Buczeck.

Delgado’s visual inspiration for the music video was the goddess Venus and her divine feminine energy. With striking and breathtaking visuals, the music video portrays the song’s dreamy essence with the powerful goddess energy of Venus. Anie Delgado takes you on a dreamy exploration to find and manifest your inner confidence, power, and ambitions.Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Anie Delgado said,

On 'Daydream,' I was thinking about my own daydreams and manifestations. Desire feels so intoxicating, I think it’s important to let yourself live with that and respect the power of how it feels to want something badly -- that’s what inspired the song sonically. Coming out of that dizzying state confident, on steady ground is what I find even more interesting - that was the inspiration lyrically. Feel your desires, but don’t get lost in your daydreams.