Voix Share New Single ‘Breathless’

Voix, the moniker of UK based singers, songwriters and producers Andi Anderson and Mike Smith, have just shared their brand new single Breathless, a cool piece of electro-pop music that tells a story of love, memories, loss and resolve.

I am really enjoying the intricate acoustic guitar melodies in the intro that beautifully enhance the emotion pouring from those lush vocals. Then the song builds up into a high-energy electro-pop banger with tons of groove, cool electronics and a heavy drop. Breathless is an infectious piece of electro-pop music with gorgeous vocals, lots of emotion and an overall feel-good atmosphere that is perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Andi Anderson said,

The song was written 5 days after seeing Backstreet Boys ‘DNA’ tour show in Glasgow on June 14th 2019. Just for fun, I felt compelled to write a REALLY pop heavy song, which could be for a boyband… ‘Breathless’ was one of the songs that came from that experiment. The original demo isn’t dissimilar from the release version, all of the key elements including the vocal chop were in there from the start. We tried a few different style variations for the track, but we ended up somewhere near where we started.