Trent Toney Shares New Single ‘Knew You’

Portland-based singer and songwriter Trent Toney has just shared his brand new single Knew You, a bittersweet piece of pop music written about the start of a past relationship.

Straight away this song gave me Ed Sheeran vibes both in production and vocal delivery and that's not a bad thing. Trent Toney draws influences from acts such as Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice and James Bay and we can clearly hear those influences in this heartfelt piece of music.

I am loving the acoustic guitar-led melodies and how they create a warm and intimate atmosphere for Trent Toney's emotive vocal delivery and honest storytelling to soar. Toney passes forth stories and images of startling clarity: moments of instant connection and the feeling of knowing someone for a long time despite just having met them.

Accompanying the release is a captivating music video that caught my attention from start to finish. Check it out below!