The Gimmick Shares New Single ‘Pasadena’

Dutch indie folk-rock quartet The Gimmick have just shared their brand new single Pasadena, a warm piece of folk music about a tragic kind of love.

I am really fond of the intricate acoustic guitar riffs and how they are beautifully intertwined with emotive piano chords and lush strings, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere for their relatable storytelling to soar. I am also really enjoying Robert Koolen's smooth vocals which have a slight raspy touch that enhances the emotion of the lyrics and makes his delivery even more captivating. Pasadena is a relatable song about love with a warm and laid-back atmosphere perfect for a long drive or a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!


The Gimmick are:

Robert Koolen - Guitar & Lead Vocals
Ties Wesseling - Piano & Backing Vocals
Alex Philipse - Bassguitar & Backing Vocals
Arjen Verhulst - Drums & Percussion