Tara Hack Shares New Single ‘Overthinking’ ft. Ryan Cabrera

Long Island-based singer and songwriter Tara Hack has just unveiled her brand new single Overthinking, featuring guest vocals from platinum-selling singer-songwriter Ryan Cabrera.

Out now via Ephilm Productions, Overthinking is a smooth pop song inspired by the singer's indecisiveness to pursue a career in music as her overthinking led her to team up with one of her musical idols, Ryan Cabrera. This is an anthem for all those overthinkers out there, myself included, and it is wrapped around an infectious pop production with lovely guitar melodies and percussion. I am particularly fond of the way that the song is built as a duet and how it beautifully showcases both Tara and Ryan's gorgeous vocals. The song has a cool laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for a relaxing day at home. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song Tara Hack said,

For me, as an artist, I've dealt with a mix of knowing that I am going to pursue this until I've got nothing left, and wondering if it's time to try something else. It can be tough to amp yourself up and not get discouraged. Ryan Cabrera's album, Take It All Away, was definitely a big motivator for me as an artist - specifically, his track ‘On the Way Down. The fact that he wanted to work with me was pretty surreal. Especially, on a song that was based on me questioning whether I should be pursuing this profession or not.

Ryan Cabrera added,

I had an absolute blast working with Tara Hack on “Overthinking”. She is such a talented writer and up-and-coming artist! Be on the lookout!