Sonnengruss Shares New Single ‘Running Away’

German artist Sonnengruss has just shared his brand new single Running Away and I am loving it! 

Running Away is a hypnotic piece of House music with rich, deep vocals soaring beautifully over infectious melodies. This is a song that reflects the bittersweet pain of losing someone for the better, fading memories of days gone by or simply the last dusk before summer heath is leaving town... It's message of hope and sweetness even in the saddest moments makes Running Away the perfect feel-good song and I think you guys will love it.

I am loving the gorgeous vocals, driving house beat, deep piano chords which pull you to the dance floor, while the pads infuse you with a drop of nostalgia. Running Away gives me summer sunset vibes and sounds perfect to dance to and forget about our problems. Havev a listen to this gem below!