SHYAWAY Shares New Single ‘Smile For the Camera’

SHYAWAY, the solo project of Brighton-based singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Adam Macaulay, has just shared his brand new single Smile For the Camera, a cool indie-pop/rock song about the craziness of social media and how toxic it can be.

I am really enjoying the social commentary of the lyrics that address modern day's problems that come with social media which pressure many of us to be rich, successful, beautiful, healthy, extroverted, and popular. However this pursuit of perfection comes with a cost and creates self-obsessed human beings always seeking validation. It's something quite sad, taking a toll on both one's physical and mental health. This song is a way to shine a light at this issue and is wrapped around an upbeat indie rock production with soaring guitars, cool piano chords, punchy guitars and catchy sax.

Accompanying the release, SHYAWAY shares a captivating music video which you can check out below!