PALCO Shares New Single ‘Free’

American artist PALCO has just shared her brand new single Free, a captivating piece of indietronica about toxic relationships.

I adore PALCO's smooth, soulful vocals and here they soar beautifully over the lush electronic production and infuse the song with a dreamy, ethereal touch. I am particularly fond of the pulsing electronic beat and lush synths that enhance the song's dreamy atmosphere. Free is a song about leaving a toxic relationship but still loving that person. I am also very fond of the delicate, emotive piano chords and the song's overall laid-back atmosphere. Definitely a great song for a relaxing weekend. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, PALCO said,

This is one of 3 songs to be released as a collection that gently touch on subjects of toxic relationships and domestic violence. I wrote this song as a catharsis to a passionate relationship that just couldn't seem to break out of unhealthy patterns to make it a lasting one. I wanted to write about the feeling of being trapped and stuck in love while idealizing freedom from the relationship and our own personal demons, so-to-speak. I also wanted to emphasize the feeling of love that permeates even after relationships end, to highlight the innocence we tend to go into relationships with--that sort of purity and unconditional love we feel for some people along the way. I originally wrote a very minimal, stripped down version of this song and ultimately decided on a more electronic world to live in and get lost in musically.