Nora Lei Shares New Single ‘Together’

New York-based singer and songwriter Nora Lei has just shared her brand new single Together, a captivating piece of electro-pop music about fighting for a relationship.

I am really enjoying her lovely, smooth vocals and how they effortlessly draw the listener's attention to her storytelling. Together is a song that explores the ups and downs of a relationship and is wrapped around a full-bodied, electro-inspired sound with dark-pop nuances. I am particularly fond of the guitar riffs, delicate piano chords and how lovely her vocals are. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Nora Lei said,

The song is all about fighting for your relationship. You remember the good times, hard times, and the times you start to feel crazy…but really you’re just scared. You both know you’re supposed to be together so you keep trying and, in the end, you’re glad you did.