Llunr Shares New Single ‘Young River’

Jordanian singer and songwriter Llunr has just unveiled his brand new single Young River, a warm and intimate piece of music.

I am really enjoying his emotive vocal delivery which soars over lulling guitar rhythms and twinkling piano melodies, creating quite a warm and intimate atmosphere for his storytelling to shine. Young River is an introspective song about our lives and how they seem quite insignificant when compared to the vastness of our universe. I am also very fond of the way the song has a soothing vibe and how it sounds perfect for a rainy day home alone. Have a listen to this gem below!

Speaking about the song, Llunr said it is,

a self reflective moment thinking about our lives and journey’s while staring at the universe. The song is about those journeys and how young they are compared to the vast and ancient milky way.