Leon Stanford Shares New Single ‘Plan B’

Welsh indie-pop singer and songwriter Leon Stanford has just shared his brand new single Plan B, taken from his new EP, Fear Is Heavy, out now!

Plan B is an empowering song that lays bare Leon's meditations on honesty and vulnerability, beautifully wrapped around intricate melodies. I am particularly fond of his passionate vocal delivery and how easily he conveys the emotion of his storytelling. This relatable message is wrapped around a captivating pop production with emotive piano chords effortlessly intertwined with intricate guitar riffs and lush melodies, creating a warm atmosphere for both his vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Leon said,

Plan B is about my love / hate relationship with being a musician. As someone who's been in a band for a good few years before my solo project, I have dealt with my fair share of hope / failure and reviews but there's never really been a Plan B. I guess music was my first love and like many musicians and people in the arts I feel like there has been times where I have exhausted myself whilst put everything on record to be looked past. Despite how much it tears you apart and leaves you questioning and redefining who you are, we always find we can never give up the things and ones we love the most that keep us chasing and on our toes till the end.