Jon Reynolds & The Aches Shares New Single ‘Leather Jacket’

Nashville-based artist Jon Reynolds & The Aches has just shared his brand new single Leather Jacket, written by Jon Reynolds and Ben Cramer.

I am really enjoying the song's grit with awesome guitar riffs beautifully intertwined with cool percussion and bright, airy synths, giving me some retro vibes. I am particularly fond of Jon's smooth vocals which flow effortlessly over the infectious indie pop/rock production. Leather Jacket is a relatable piece of music about that moment you realise that your relationship is about to end and there's nothing you can do to stop it. The song rides on this theme with a power pop, synthy arrangement, expressing the frustration and fear that accompanies the tipping point of a dying relationship. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Jon Reynolds said,

One of my favorite people to write with is Ben Cramer (Old Sea Brigade). He knows how to follow his instincts in a song, and that is exactly what he did when we wrote “Leather Jacket”. At that time, he was going through a rough break-up with his girlfriend of five years. This, incidentally, was the foundation for the lyrics.

Let’s be clear: breakups are awful. They take a person and reduce them to a monolithic tragedy. All you can think about is the breakup which leads you to act out in ways foreign to your true self in an attempt to break or distract from the deep emotional firestorm that has become your day to day. What is even more gut wrenching is when you see this sort of behavior take root in your ex-partner (or soon to be ex-partner). The clothes they wear, the pictures they post, the places they go- none of them look like the person you experienced. You are left feeling angry and sad, but mostly, left out. You don’t get to experience this new, albeit horrible, phase of life together. I think “Leather Jacket” captures relationship fatigue mixed with the disappointing reality that you no longer have that person you once knew best.