Jewelia Shares New Single ‘Noah’

London-based singer and songwriter Jewelia has just shared her brand new single Noah, a dreamy electro-pop song about finding hope when faced with overwhelming circumstances, perfectly fitting for this crazy year!

Produced and mixed by Jewelia and her partner Andy in their home-studio, Noah is a mesmerising piece of electro-pop music on which Jewelia flawlessly showcases her passionate, wistful vocals and songwriting skills.

Apart from her lush vocals packed with raw emotion, what I love the most is the song's warmth and how it allows for her message of hope to soar. 2020 hasn't been a good year to us and with it came a lot more mental health issues associated with lockdowns and I am happy to hear Jewelia giving us a sign of hope for better days. I am also very fond of the emotive piano chords, driving beat and infectious melodies that give the song an expansive/atmospheric touch that is quite captivating.

Accompanying the release, Jewelia shared its official music video filmed on the Norfolk Coast, on a beach in Sheringham. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Jewelia said, 

“Noah” was written during lockdown, and it is about finding hope when faced with overwhelming circumstances. During the past few months, the mental health of lots of people around me, some close to me, have been affected by isolation and uncertainty. ‘Noah’ was written as a message of hope: this flood will hopefully come and go and we'll find dry land, like Noah.⁠

‘Noah’ is also about finding the voice to word some of these worries, and finding hope that things will get better. We all have our own struggles, but there are some struggles we have not experienced, things we don't know about, or we don't think about on a daily basis. They are still happening, even if the hashtags are not trending, and we can make a change, starting with ourselves and our awareness.