Hannah Crowley Shares New Single ‘Teeth in the Water’

Los Angeles-based Irish singer and songwriter Hanna Crowley has just shared her brand new single Teeth in the Water, an infectious pop/rock song about working hard to make it in this life and never knowing if you're going to get a chance.

I am really enjoying her lovely vocals and how they infuse the song with a cool dose of attitude and energy. I am particularly fond of the soaring guitars and punchy drums that create that edgy pop/rock touch perfect for her storytelling to soar. Have a listen to this cool pop/rock song below!


Speaking about the song, Hannah Crowley said,

Teeth in the water is about working shift to shift, hustling and never knowing if you’re gonna get a chance. Some people promise you the world but end up being sharks, circling around seeing what they can bite off. In a world where everything seems commodified, creativity can be stifled if not cultivated and supported.