ESCHES Shares New Single ‘D.O.T’

ESCHES, the moniker US/German vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robert Summerfield, has just unveiled his brand new single D.O.T, the latest single to be taken from his upcoming Riviera EP.

This is such a captivating piece of soulful pop music on which ESCHES flawlessly showcases his dreamy vocals and songwriting skills. D.O.T is a relatable song about hurting and acceptance and is wrapped around a mesmerising moody and soulful production with stunning guitars and an overall laid-back atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, ESCHES explains,

DARK OF TOMORROW, or 'D.O.T.', is, without a doubt, the most personal song of the EP. Probably even one of the most personal I ever wrote. The central melody line, played by the guitar, was conceived hand in hand with the vocal melody of the lead hook. The melodies converse, the lyrics portrait a monologue. That's the context, someone standing on a shoreline, talking out into the dark, promising some relief for a soul in need. A loved one. It's about hurting, a final passage, and acceptance. I started writing the song about two years ago, and it took some time to understand where it was really heading. I think it's very much where it's supposed to be, now. Roughness was really important to me, and the appreciation of a strange, blemished sound. To me, it's a very moody, soulful kind of music, and it resonates with me, especially the deep spots.