Emma Oliver Shares New Single ‘Getting Older’

Famed TikTok star and singer-songwriter Emma Oliver has just unveiled her brand new single Getting Older, a piano-driven gem about mental health issues.

I am loving Emma Oliver's vocal delivery and how it is packed with raw emotion, instantly capturing the listener's attention to her heartfelt and honest storytelling. Getting Older tackles issues such as depression, anxiety and feeling alone, important mental health issues that have grown larger in this year of pandemic and lockdowns. Struggling with depression and other mental health issues isn't easy and I feel like Emma perfectly captures the feelings of dealing heavily with depression and the feeling of being lost. I like how Emma shines a light that we're not alone and that living openly and honestly about our struggles is a way to push through this dark period.

This powerful message is wrapped around a warm and intimate production with lush piano chords and a killer beat that allows for Emma's stunning vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!