CUTTS Share New Single ‘Wayfaring Stranger’

New York-based alternative-pop duo CUTTS, consisting of writer/singer Lillian Cutts and writer/producer Peter Bonaventure, have just shared their brand new single Wayfaring Stranger, a hauntingly beautiful song about feeling lost and looking to find our way back home.

CUTTS give their interpretation of an old forgotten folk song and I think the result is incredibly mesmerising. I am loving Lillian's powerful vocals and haunting harmonies soaring over the warm indie production. I am very fond of the percussion and guitars which create quite a mysterious and somewhat cinematic atmosphere that allows for Lillian's vocals and story to soar. Quite an impressive piece of music with so much power that I think you guys will enjoy. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Peter Bonaventure said,

I must have heard a version of it in a film or something. It was stuck in my head for months, but I kept hearing it with Lilly’s voice and imagining this whole other arrangement behind the melody.

Writer/singer Lillian Cutts explains,

I think the idea of someone wandering aimlessly in search of some far away salvation is a really powerful and very human feeling. The person in this song is lonely you know? But they really believe they’re going to get home; one day. I get that. I think most people get that feeling.