Chloe Rodgers Shares New Single ‘The Algea’

British singer and songwriter Chloe Rodgers has just shared her brand new single The Algea, a wistful piece of pop music out via Crowds & Power.

I am a fan of her hauntingly beautiful vocals and how they instantly capture the listener's attention to her lovely storytelling. Her third release of the year after A Delphian Lullaby and Faces, The Algea sees Chloe Rodgers continue that distinctly bright and soaring aesthetic she is quickly developing a reputation for. The Algea is gorgeous song packed with pulsing strings and a sweeping production that allows for her dreamy vocals to soar. Check it out below!

Speaking about the new offering, she said,

The Algea is named after a group of Greek goddesses that are basically just mega depressed. I was definitely being over dramatic giving it that name. It was just about being a naive teenager looking for love but getting used by older dudes that knew exactly what they were doing.