We Three Share New Single ‘Our Last Christmas Eve’

Portland indie-pop sibling trio We Three have just shared their brand new single Our Last Christmas Eve, a heartfelt pop song.

I don't usually share Holiday music but this one just gave me the feels and I had to share it with you guys. Our Last Christmas Eve is a heart-wrenching song on which the siblings reflect on memories of their final Christmas with their mother and it is impossible not to feel that love. This is a way to remember the family members and friends that are no longer with us, and celebrate the small things that make Christmas what it is. We Three are definitely masters at delivering infectious music packed with so much raw emotion and this one is no exception. I am loving their harmonies and the anthemic bridge is perfect to sing along to.

To accompany the release, the siblings shared a heart-rending video that shows some old Christmas videos with their mom. It's the combination of beautifully-written lyrics and the home videos that got me teary eyed with Mannie Humlie's gorgeous vocals, pouring with emotion, sealing the deal for me. Check it out below!