WANYI Shares New Single ‘Loved You Once’

Hong Kong-based  singer-songwriter WANYI has just shared her brand new single Loved You Once, a bittersweet piece of R&B taken from her upcoming debut EP set to arrive in February 2021.

I am loving her rich, soulful vocals and how they are backed by an infectious production lavished with smooth R&B melodies and glittering pop rhythms. Loved You Once is a relatable song about drifting apart from soomeone you used to be close to. These things happen and I think most of you can relate to it. I am also enjoying the nostalgia and bittersweet atmosphere of the song which allows for WANYI’s vocals to take centre-stage, showcasing her rich vocal prowess. Check out this downtempo, R&B-infused Pop track below!


Speaking about the song, WANYI said,

‘Loved You Once’ is about meeting someone who I used to be close to, and realising that we’ve both grown and drifted apart. Although feelings have changed, I’m still grateful to have met that person. It’s quite nostalgic and bittersweet.