VALDIS Shares New Single ‘Maze’

Icelandic singer and songwriter VALDIS has just shared her brand new single Maze, a modern-bass driven pop track with a four to the floor beat.

Maze is a relatable song about living with anxiety on a daily basis, describing it as being stuck in a Maze where you can't find your way out. I am loving that bass and how VALDIS' smooth, sultry vocals and stunning harmonies soar effortlessly over the infectious production. This song gives me Billie Eilish vibes and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Have a listen to this bass-driven pop gem below!

Speaking about the song, VALDIS said,

The song's lyrics have a double meaning and describe how it is living with anxiety and describes it as being stuck in a 'Maze' where you can't find your way out. Like a maze, sometimes you take a wrong turn and hit a wall and you have to go back to find the right way out. But eventually you will get out with a lot of hard repeated work.