Tom Mackell Shares New Single ‘Strange Times’

South Carolina-based singer and songwriter Tom Mackell has just shared his brand new single Strange Times, an infectious, soulful mix of Americana, pop and rock.

I am really enjoying the tone of his vocals which fit perfect within the genre and are packed with tons of emotion, effortlessly conveying the emotion of his honest and relatable storytelling. Strange Times is a song inspired by the changes in every day life during quarantine and I think most of you will relate to it. This song is wrapped around a stunning, melodic production packed with intricate guitar melodies, punchy drums and a chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Tom Mackell said,

I wrote Strange Times while considering all of the sudden changes in my every day life during quarantine. It’s an honest and sincere expression of how I was feeling and dealing with this new reality. I was looking forward to my first music festival appearance over the summer as well as a full coast-to-coast U.S. tour in the fall. It was hard to stop touring, but as every other musician unfortunately had to experience, I was forced to cancel everything and head home. One of the first things I did at the start of quarantine was sit down and write ‘Strange Times’; it was my way of processing the uncertainty ahead.