Tom Butler Shares New Single ‘The Storm’

US-based singer and songwriter Tom Butler has just shared his brand new single The Storm, a lovely piece of Folk music.

I am very fond of his lovely, smooth vocals which are packed with so much raw emotion and soar beautifully over the warm and intimate production. Tom is quite a gifted storyteller and the whole production allows for the listener to effortlessly connect with his story about the end of a relationship and all of the dreams of a future together. I am loving the intricate acoustic guitar riffs which are perfectly intertwined with lush strings, creating the perfect atmosphere for both his vocals and storytelling to soar. Check it out below!



Speaking about the song, Tom Butler said,

When I got back from my LDS mission, I met a wonderful girl and we started dating and later got engaged. Bethany is/was an amazing woman and my innermost desire in life is to be a husband and father. Three weeks before the wedding, she called it off and it was shattering. The chorus comes from the moments from right before we went into her house to tell her parents we weren't getting married. We were in our Sunday clothes ( I in a suit and her a beautiful silver/gold dress) laying on a blanket in her back yard holding each other and crying. It started raining, but we didn't care and just let it rain on us. It was like the sky was mirroring our feelings.