The Trusted Shares New Single ‘Criminals’

British indie-rock band The Trusted have just shared their brand new single Criminals, an infectious indie-pop/rock song about juxtaposed feelings of emotional elevation and deep longing.

I am really enjoying the smooth vocals and how they are perfectly backed by a captivating indie-rock production with awesome guitars, punchy drums and rich electronic textures. I am particularly fond of the the building euphoric synth-strings and the song's overall nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere that flawlessly enhances the lyrics about loss and heartbreak. This is one of those songs I'd play when alone with my own thoughts and I think you guys will enjoy it too. Check it out below!


The Trusted share that the song is about,

loss, heartbreak, guilt and self-absorption. It’s a sad and honest track, but at the same, it’s kind of beautifully uplifting.