Songs For Swimming Share New Single ‘Friend’

Songs For Swimming, Danish creative duo formed by songwriters Rasmus Glendorf and Line Bøgh, have just unveiled their brand new single Friend, part of a 2-track release Yellow Fall/Friend.

Friend is a lovely Indie Folk song about trying to escape the chaos you've created but you're stuck on a loop repeating everything you did to lead to such chaos. This relatable song is wrapped around a warm and intimate Folk production with intricate acoustic guitar riffs beautifully backing Line Bøgh's dreamy, ethereal-like vocals. Have a listen to this beautiful song below!

Speaking about the release, Songs For Swimming said,

Yellow fall” is about waking up and coming to the realization that where you are, is not the right place for you. About taking love for granted and watch it fall, even though everything seems to be perfect. About the brutal goodbye that puts a rasp in your voice and threatens to destroy everything around you. “Friend” is a tale about a friend, who’s always balancing on the edge of the world. The song is about trying to escape the chaos you’ve created and then repeating the whole thing once you’re at a new place.