Sølv Shares New Single ‘Girls Should Be’

London-based singer, songwriter, producer and director Sølv (Danish for Silver) has just shared her brand new single Girls Should Be, the lead single of her new Synthetic Feelings EP, out now.

I am loving her dreamy, layered vocals which create quite a haunting and ethereal-like vibe that is quite captivating. Her lush vocals soar beautifully over the gorgeous R&B-infused dark-pop production packed with trap-infused beats, heavy bass, brooding synths and ambient drones. I am loving the song's chill, laid-back atmosphere that makes it perfect for bedroom sessions or a relaxing weekend at home. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Sølv said,

Girls Should Be is an epiphany. It’s Sølv talking directly to her younger self and exploring the pressures and expectations frequently put on women. It raises questions about the heavy weight of conditioning and sexual stereotyping. The song works towards reversing the narrative that women should stay small and not have their voices heard, basing their self-worth solely on other peoples’ opinions of them. It transitions sonically half-way through to represent the journey of growth, empowerment and freedom which comes in realising that no woman has to blindly conform to society's ideologies.