SHOKO Unveils New Single ‘Female Nations’

Danish singer and songwriter SHOKO has just unveiled her brand new single Female Nations, an empowerin female anthem.

I am loving SHOKO's powerful, soulful vocals and how they soar beautifully over the infectious Contemporary R&B-tinged pop production with a captivating Middle Eastern vibe. 

SHOKO’s own experience of being raised within a Persian household where conservative gender roles were a part of her upbringing while living in a western oriented society, is the reason for Female Nations. She was taught by the women in her family to stand against these gender roles when met in the society, and encourage all women to stand on their feet, be confident and nothing less than stand together.

Female Nations is a song that perpetuates empowerment and self-love and is wrapped around an infectious production on which SHOKO showcases her stunning vocals. Check it out below!