Rook Monroe Shares New Single ‘Honey’

American singer and songwriter Rook Monroe has just shared his brand new single Honey, an upbeat, feel-good piece of indie-pop music.

I am loving the intricate guitar strums throughout the song which are beautifully intertwined with lush drums, creating the perfect soundscape for Rook Monroe's gorgeous vocals to soar. Honey is a song that looks back at a sweet summer romance and is wrapped around an infectious production courtesy of Trackside (Selena Gomez, DJ Snake, Khamari). I am really enjoying the touch of nostalgia of the song and how it feels perfect for a relaxing day out in the sun. Check it out below!

Honey is taken from Rook Monroe's upcoming self-written project, Californialand, set to arrive on December 18th. Speaking about the song, the singer said,
Sometimes you can't help who you fall for - seeing what you want to see, as everything around you both falls apart. Honey is about finding light in situations where there isn’t any, simply because everything is sweeter when you're in love.