OriginalRemy Shares New Single ‘men don’t cry.’

Houston-based R&B and Pop artist OriginalRemy has just shared his brand new single men don't cry, a smooth piece of music that tackles the issues of men's mental health.

I find very sad that today there are still people that judge and pressure other men with the stigma of a real man who doesn't cry and has to be strong. These old sterotypes can be quite damaging and a man can end up feeling depressed for not living up to such expectations.

men don't cry is a song about fighting against depression and against the stereotypes that create unecessary pressure to men's mental health. It's a song about how OriginalRemy doesn’t want to do the things a “man” does. This powerful message is wrapped around a cpativating R&B production on which he also showcases his lovely vocals. I am also enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and I think you guys will enjoy it too!