Nico de Andrea Shares New Single ‘Home’ ft. Natalie 2V

Parisian DJ and producer Nico de Andrea has teamed up with British singer/songwriter Natalie 2Vto deliver an infectious piece of House music titled Home.

I am loving the song's laid-back atmosphere and how Natalie 2V's lush, dulcet vocals soar beautifully over the polished production. I am particularly fond of the melancholic House piano chords which stand out in the electronic production that is packed with tons of groove and a discreet beat that makes it the ideal song for this foggy and gray time of the year.  The song has the perfect balance of danceable electronic music with the strength of powerful lyrics and an overall emotional, chilled-out atmosphere. Check it out below!


Speaking about the song, Nico de Andrea said, 

‘Home’ is about always being on the edge with a person and feeling like you’re about to fall. It’s about knowing that the relationship isn’t built to last and that’s okay, but for now we call it ‘Home’. Maybe it’s crazy, but it’s our own little toxic bubble that we can’t get enough of.