NATHALIE Shares Debut Single ‘Ten For The Tenth Time’

British singer and songwriter NATHALIE (Nathalie Cadlini) makes her official musical introduction with the release of her debut single Ten For The Tenth Time, an infectious pop song that touches on the uncertainty of love and past relationships.

I am really enjoying her warm, dulcet tones and how they effortlessly convey the emotion of her relatable storytelling over a polished pop production (courtesy of NUEL and Ricky Damian) with a melancholic tone over pulsating bass and drums. I am also enjoying the intricate guitar riffs, lovely synths and how infectious the song's melodies are, getting me hooked to it right after the very first listen. Ten For The Tenth Time is a cool pop song with a laid-back vibe perfect for the weekend. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, NATHALIE said that it is,

about being in a limbo between wanting and not wanting someone who is no longer part of your life. Someone you've fallen for repeatedly but were repeatedly reminded that it couldn't work.