Moncrieff Shares New Single ‘AMERICA’

Irish singer and songwriter Moncrieff has just shared his brand new single AMERICA, an upbeat piece of pop music taken from his upcoming EP, The Class of 2020, out on November 27th!
I am a fan of Moncrieff's lush vocals and how they instantly command the listener's attention to his poignant and satirical social commentary on the big brother of the world disguised as a tik tok friendly viral internet urban pop banger. I am really enjoying the playful vibe of the production that perfectly contrasts with his comments on some of the absurdities of American culture, centred around consumerism and materialism. This is a song packed with tons of rhythms, perfect to sing along to and to get one in a good mood. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Moncrieff said,

We spend money we don't have on things we don't need to impress people we don't like.

Speaking about the EP, Moncrieff said,

I had planned to release my second EP earlier this year but I felt after all the world kind of came to a standstill that maybe I should hold off. Nobody had a clue what was happening and the music didn’t feel fully right for the time. Then I realised these are the times that I had actually always dreamt about writing songs for and being able to make music that had a voice in this bizarre time we’re in.