Matilda Eyre Unveils New Single ‘Let Me Be’

German-born singer, songwriter and producer Matilda Eyre has just shared her brand new single Let Me Be, a raw and emotionally vulnerable indie-pop song taken from her upcoming EP Suleika.

I am loving her hauntingly beautiful vocals and how they are packed with so much emotion, instantly connecting the listener with her storytelling. Let Me Be is the result of a life during pandemic, with no shows or deadlines allowing her to go on a journey of introspection and self-discovery. I am really fond of the emotive piano chords, lush guitars and how vulnerable her vocal delivery and storytelling is. This is a song perfect to play while home alone on a rainy day with one's thoughts. 

To accompany the release, Matilda has shared a captivating music video, directed by Malte Goy, which you can check out below!