Malene Markussen Shares New Single ‘Touch Fire’

Norwegian singer and songwriter Malene Markussen has just shared her brand new single Touch Fire, a powerful pop song about the thrill of pushing limits.

I am really enjoying her vocals and passionate delivery over an upbeat electro-pop production with somewhat of a retro vibe. I am particularly fond of the piano keys, driving beat and lovely synths that enhance the emotion and energy of her storytelling. I also found the chorus to be quite addictive and perfect to sing along too. Have a listen to this cool song below!

Speaking about Touch Fire, Malene said,

This song is a bit more powerful and « in your face» then what I've normally done. I am usually known for my melancholic and emotional sound. This time I've just added a bit more drama to it. I love to challenge myself, my vocals and writing, so I am super excited for this song! The song is about the thrill of pushing limits. The only danger of doing so is that you might want to go further and further each time, and it can be hard to know when to stop.