Josefine Landelius Unveils New Single ‘Before I’m Broken’

Swedish singer and songwriter Josefine Landelius has just unveiled her brand new single Before I'm Broken, an acoustic guitar-based pop song.

I am a fan of Josefine's powerful and emotive vocals and they do shine in this song. Before I'm Broken is a soung about realising that she has always buried her emotions because she was afraid of not being able to fully express how she felt. I absolutely relate to this song as I am one that tends to keep my feelings to myself as a way to protect myself from getting hurt. This relatable song is wrapped around a warm aind intimate production with lush acoustic guitar melodies backing her powerful, emotive vocals. Check it out below!


Speaking about the snog, Josefine Landelius said,

I wrote this one a spring day when I was all gathered up in my own emotions about not knowing what I felt and not having the courage to tell that someone about it.

There are moments when we don’t say how we feel, because of fear of what might come out of it. So we keep it to ourselves, and in that way we won’t get broken, as a shield for self-protection. Then we move on, with buried emotions.

And I realized that’s how I’ve always done.

That’s the story of how this song came alive.