Jill Johnson Shares New Single ‘When I Get Older’

Platinum-selling Swedish singer and songwriter Jill Johnson has just shared her brand new single When I Get Older, a lovely pop song where Jill reflects about the future.

I am really enjoying the intricate guitar melodies and how the song has an uplifting, feel-good atmosphere that got me hooked right after the very first listen. Jill Johnson's vocals are quite expressive and instantly command the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling which describes where she hope she will land when she gets older; she’s hoping she will have experienced the laughs that never end, love, pain and that she has managed to ask for forgiveness. 

Co-written with Robin Stjernberg (who also produced the song), When I Get Older is a hopeful single on which Jill flawlessly showcases her powerful, emotive vocals over lovely guitar melodies and a chorus perfect to sing along to. Check it out below!