JËVA Shares New Single ‘Good Friends’

JËVA, the moniker of Sydney-based singer/songwriter and burgeoning pop prince Jeffrey Liu, has just shared his brand new single Good Friends.

This lovely mid-tempo R&B-infused, electro-pop song is about that internal monologue we have when we suddenly catch feelings for an old friend and start considering the pros and cons of wanting to risk the dynamic of that friendship. This relatable message is wrapped around an infectious production which allows for JËVA's lovely, soulful vocals to soar. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, JËVA said,

After accepting my disastrous fate that I had caught these feelings, It became a constant battle in my head. I was weighing up what I should do next, the reasons why I should just jump into his arms straight away, why we would be so good together VS no no no, it would never work out.. we would be a toxic couple, he probably wouldn’t ever see me that way... We should just be... friends... Good Friends. It was extra hard because we were in the same circles, It wasn’t like I could shoot my shot and never see him again if it didn’t work out. It was a very difficult inner conflict, especially because I’m the type of person that let’s my emotions override logic. My rational self was SCREAMING we should just be friends and I still didn’t listen to him in the end. But this song highlights that journey.