Jenna Kearns Shares New Single ‘Thank You’

British singer and songwriter Jenna Kearns has just shared her brand new single Thank You, a lovely piano-based song about toxic relationships.

I am really enjoying Jenna's dulcet, vulnerable vocal delivery which beautifully convey the emotion of her honest storytelling over a warm and intimate pop production with emotive piano chords. Co-written and produced by Joe Dolman, Thank You is Jenna Kearns' way to put a positive turn on something negative, by thanking the people that hurt her for showing who they really were. Check it out below!

Speaking about the song, Jenna said,

Lyrically “Thank You” is about those toxic relationships, you could not see how damaging they were to your wellbeing and happiness. Its putting a positive turn on something so negative thanking someone for showing their intentions and true colours, showing you what the signs of that toxicity.